Friday, September 6, 2013


“The Apple MacBook Air 11-inch"

 It is an another inventive vision came alive from Apple Corp. they call it "2nd ultraportable laptop, First one was the Aplle MacBook 13 Inch which evidently with a little drawback won the heart of PC Lovers mostly the young generations and the business feculty for presenting a reliable PC Laptop which rivals to IPAD2 to do anything with reliability and comparability . It retains all of the features that MacBook Air fans have grown to expect, though there are a few facets that are starting to seem dull and could bear a little improvement.

The module’s main changes are with the new fourth-generation Intel Core i5 processor and their effect on battery life and 3D performance,Overall, the 11-incher is change over last year’s model the 13 Inch, but still development to the Apple MacBook Air 13-inch make that model more attractive for the majority of users… The Apple MacBook Air 11-inch  is the Haswell next version of the iconic ultraportable laptop. It goes over 10 hours running on battery power, so it is declared that it is the only most thinnest possible laptop with the most battery life.”

with a price of US$ 999.00 Aplle MacBook Air 11 Inch has started its journey, but critics are totally not satisfied with the price, because only US$ 100.00 more you can get the Apple MacBook Air 13 Inch, which is much more appreciated by the buyers. So as a result I think company should reconsider the price to make a difference between the two models.

- F. Azim

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